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Custom design your own fins and we'll print them for you.  
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At Paragon we offer CNC milling, scanning, custom design of all surf craft from shortboards to SUP.  We also offer 3D printing and design of surfboard fins.  We specialize in hard to cut materials and blank configurations like  XTR, XPS, EPS, parabolic, multiple stringer, balsa and of course, polyurethane.  We also have pioneered asymetrical and channel cutting for today's complex shapes.  We can work with all major file types and expertly navigate S3D, S3DX and AKU.
Simplifying complex surfcraft shapes for shapers both large scale & exclusive.  By ensuring shape symmetry & model consistency we reduce production times & associated hassles. 
Paragon CNC eases the workload on shaping, glassing & sanding by
providing accurate milling to meet any production schedule.